Anxiety Support Group

Once a month, CCE provides a support group for those who deal with anxiety disorders. The hour-long meeting consisting of an approximately 20-minute presentation of a topic relating to anxiety, followed by discussion, encouragement, exercises, and/or sharing. Participation, while encouraged, is not mandatory. You are free to sit back and listen to the group share. Once a year, spouses or significant others are invited to join us for an extended meeting discussing anxiety, how it impacts relationships, and how to support those with anxiety.

Stephanie Decker facilitates and often leads group meetings. Other meetings are led by group volunteers and guest speakers. We strive to provide a place that is nonjudgmental, confidential, and empowering. We share coping skills and talk honestly about our struggles and our victories. Sharing experiences, resources, and practical advice can help reduce the effect anxiety has on your life.

The group also has a private Facebook group and group message that is used throughout the month for sharing meeting reminders, informative articles, struggles, encouragement, and laughs